This page is dedicated to the review of books of faith which the DCF Staff have read and reviewed. As per our mission, we want to challenge and encourage others to grow in their faith, knowledge and maturity in Christ. We have put this under the “Resource” section as a tool that may help others when looking for books to help them grow.

Praying the BiblePraying the Bible by Donald S. Whitney
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I highly recommend this book to those who want to unlock the secrets to prayer such as those like Charles Spurgeon, John Piper and George Muller did in their prayer lives. Whitney, in about 100 pages shares techniques on how to pray the Word of God. I can attest that when I started praying the Word of God some months ago, it changed my prayer life completely and I am still growing and learning how to do it more and more. Whitney broadened my understanding of the method and helped to explain clearly the things I have been experiencing as I have been Praying the Word of God. This is a good book to help or mentor others in how to pray, because it is short, and concise and it is easily done in 1 setting.