Comparing Trinity(s)(Updated 5-23-19)

Since God is the Origin and Creator of all things, I believe all things can be traced back to a reflection of sorts to His image and likeness. To me it is no surprise that even those things which are evil and which try to deliberately deceive take on a triune appearance as well. The more we understand God, I believe the deeper levels of comprehension we will obtain of the world around us and in every aspect of our being. Perhaps it is just me and the way I chose to look at all things through this prism. For me, each of the below has a significant impact on my view of the universe, relationships and how God created or designed things to be. In each trinity formed, there is a pattern that always seems to have consistent representative form elements. Example: In the Trinity of God, Christ represents the flesh, the body the tangible physical self. The physical is always under the authority of the spiritual aspect, such as Christ, who represents the body, though equal to God, did not consider equality with God (the Father) something to be grasped and humbled himself and took on the “form” of a servant (human flesh) and being found in this “form” he became Obedient even unto death upon a cross. So we see that Christ submitted to the “Will” of the Father in the garden when he prayed not his own will but the Father’s will be done.  As such, in God’s being we see perfect unity between the Son and the Father or perfect unity in the representation of the spirit and the flesh. In man, because of the effects of sin, our spirit and our flesh are at war with each other but even in our fallen state, the form of the triune being is still intact; it’s just damaged. I do believe there is scriptural support for each of the below, but I have not attached them to this version. Perhaps if enough people take an interest in this resource, I will take the time to make a second version with scriptural references attached to each.








Holy Spirit Heaven


Trinity of the “Gospel” Trinity of “Faith”
Truth Believe truth of Gospel
Power Receive Power of Gospel
Life Live the Gospel
Soul Soul
Body Body
Spirit (Dead) Spirit/Holy Spirit (Alive)

*To avoid repetition, you can apply the same Fallen – vs- Born Again models through many of the other
trinities below. Example: compare a “fallen person’s” mind, body and heart -vs- a “saved person’s” mind, body and heart

Mind Thoughts
Flesh Attitudes
Heart Emotions
Wisdom Character Feelings
Knowledge Sowing Reactions
Understanding Reaping Desires
God Man
Man Woman
Woman Child
Birth Time
Life Talent
Death Treasure
Created Universe
Past Liquid Length
Present Solid Height
Future Gas Width
The Flesh Flesh
The World Eyes
The Devil Pride of Life
god of this world mark of the beast powers of darkness
satan 6 Sin
beast 6 Death
false prophet 6 Enslavement


5 thoughts on “Trinities – God, Creation, Man etc…

  1. Bill Evanusich

    I can’t help but think of Paul who says in 2nd Corinthians 12:2 how he was taken up to the 3rd heaven. There is the sky above also known as the 1st heaven, which we now know as our atmosphere; Then the 2nd heaven, where the stars are; which we now know as the cosmos or universe. Then there is the 3rd heaven which is where God’s throne is. How’s that for a type of trinity.
    Here is another trinity I’m getting ready to do. Get in bed, go to sleep, wake-up, Lord willing. (James 4:15). I’m out, peace!

    • admin Post author

      Hey Bill thanks for stopping by and adding the comment. Yeah, I guess the 3 heavens mentioned could be considered a trinity of sorts. Although I’m not sure the pattern is consistent like you would see in the other patterns. If you can show how each heaven “is-like” or somehow reflects in parallel one of the forms of the trinity…God-the Father, God-the Son or God the Holy Spirit then you have a winner. 🙂 Sleep well.

  2. Debra Weber

    I had never looked at it in this manner, or through this prism as you put it. It makes sense, but then again why wouldn’t it, because as you said, God is the creator and He would create what He knows.
    Keep me posted. I want to know more. I would share it with my Sunday School class if it is okay with you.

    • admin Post author

      I am glad you found it interesting Debra. Please by all means share away. Never have to ask permission to share with others things you find here. They are meant to be used as tools to teach and challenge others. Spark discussion about God etc… Would love to hear how things go when you share it. 🙂

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