Over a 1 month period, I conducted an online bible study regarding End Times on Face Book. When it was done, I complied all of the posts into an easy to read paperback book called the Omega Reality.

End Times Bible Study – The Omega Reality

The OMEGA Reality is the end result of God’s plan for mankind. It is about God removing division and restoring the unity of all things through Christ by placing everything systematically under the authority of Christ. When all things are under the authority of Christ, He will make all things new. Then the kingdom of God, will be united as one in the new heaven and earth, where the bridegroom – Jesus, and His Bride – the church, will live together in the presence and under the blessing of God the Father forever and ever amen.

Free Resources:
The Omega Reality Book-Cover Design Explanation
The Omega Reality End-Times TIMELINE


By Him and for Him,
God Bless

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