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The OMEGA Reality is the end result of God’s plan for mankind. It is about God removing division and restoring the unity of all things through Christ by placing everything systematically under the authority of Christ. When death, who is the last enemy, is destroyed, He will then make all things new. Then the kingdom of God, will be united as one in the new heaven and earth, where the bridegroom – Jesus, and His Bride – the church, will live together in the presence and under the blessing of God the Father forever and ever amen. Free Resources:

INTRO Video – Revelation Timeline Walkthrough: Omega Reality
The Omega Reality Book-Cover Design Explanation
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Summarization Breakdown By Part of the Omega Reality:

I thought putting out a summarized breakdown by part would be helpful to those who might be interested and want more detailed info what the book is about. The below summaries help explain what is in each part but more importantly helps explain why I chose to put each part in the book.

Part 1 – (The 7 Observations made from Romans 11) – Roman’s chapter 11 is a very interesting chapter in that Paul explains the broken and divided relationship of the nation of Israel with God due to the Gospel and how that has, and is, impacting the Gentile nations in receiving God’s mercy through the Gospel. Paul makes it clear that God’s plan concerning end-times is not just about God fulfilling promises to the Church through Christ, but also will include God fulfilling promises to “unbelieving” Israel through Christ. Simply stated, God is not done with (unbelieving) Israel yet. So, if God is not done with Israel yet, then any correct understanding of end-times through the scripture will include or describe their part or role in God’s plan. The other significant insight Paul shares in Romans chapter 11, is that “believing Jews” and “believing Gentiles” (the church) are the two kind of branches (natural branches and wild branches) that are attached to the olive tree – which is Christ. The significance of identifying these two as olive branches become evident later on when studying Revelations.

Part 2 – Part two of the book is about learning who wise and who is foolish (during end-times) and what is it that distinguishes them as being wise? To do this we look at Daniel’s vision in chapter 12, where the wise are described and then we look more closely at some teaching Jesus gave about end-times regarding two groups of virgins who were considered to be wise and foolish. As we look into Jesus teaching about the 10 virgins, we also do a study of olive oil and its uses regarding light and anointing. Through this, we learn who the wise are and what makes them wise, but more importantly it helps us to be able to better understand many of Jesus’ and the apostle’s teachings concerning end-times.

Part 3 – Part three of the book contains an in-depth look at 1 Corinthians chapter 15. This chapter contains an avalanche of information regarding end-times and actually contains the easiest explanation of God’s plan for end-times. In verses 20-28 of this chapter, Paul describes how God will bring about unity and reconciliation of all things through Christ, which is what I call the Omega Reality, or the reality that Christ’s brings into existence at the end of all things according to the Father’s divine will. Paul makes it clear that what makes the Omega Reality possible is the Gospel. That is, Jesus’ sacrifice of atonement on the cross which resulted in his bodily death, His burial, His bodily resurrection and ascension to His throne at the righthand of God the Father in heaven. Paul goes on to give some insights to some of the aspects of the afterlife and the new bodies we will receive. He ends this chapter with an explanation of the mystery many have come to know as the rapture and the victory the Church will experience over death through both resurrection and transformation upon Christ’s return to gather His Church.

Part 4 – Part four tries to explain the difference between the tribulation(s) we experience in the world and God’s wrath. The church is given two promises in the word of God concerning both of these. Jesus said that as long as we are in the world, we (the church) will experience tribulation. We also know that scripture teaches us that the Church will not suffer under the wrath of God. Our view of end-times can never violate either of these two promises. So as we look at scripture regarding end-times, it must align or account for these two promises.

Part 5 – Part 5 of the book tries to give an overview description of how both physical and spiritual aspects of creation has been affected by sin. This helps to understand the problem that currently exists and gives further insight why/how God the Father’s plan was to correct the problem through Christ. Christ came as the Prophet, He now is the High Priest of heaven and is the current and coming King of glory. Through the roles of prophet, priest and king, the structure of authority is corrected, reconciled and unified in the person of Christ, the Son of God.

Part 6 – Part six of the book is the key to understanding, or should I say helps establish a “known” point of understanding when the “Mystery of God” is completed. From this known point, we can then correctly and sequentially place other events regarding end-times in a systematic way according to scripture and arrive a clear picture of God’s plan for end-times. This is the springboard introduction to Revelation chapter 11 and also ties together all of new testament teaching regarding the “Mystery of God”.

Part 7 – Part 7 is a verse by verse breakdown of Revelation Chapter 11 which shows how it is timeline of events starting with the beginning of the 7 years period known as Daniel’s 7th week and goes all the way through the establishment of Christ’s 1000 year reign. Starting with known events, we then systematically place other events mentioned throughout the Bible that correspond to the verses in Chapter 11. After we finish chapter 11, we finish part 7 and the book by going through Revelation chapters 20, 21 & 22 which is the 1000 year reign, the great white throne of judgement and then the end where the Kingdom of God is unified as the Church (the bride of Christ) comes down out of heaven and is put upon the new heaven and new earth and there Christ and His bride will dwell in the presence of the Father. Christ will place everything, including submitting himself, under God the Father so that God will be all in all. This everlasting and eternal reality is the Omega Reality, for Christ is making everything new and He is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.

The explanation of the book’s cover design and the timeline are additional free handouts and can be viewed or downloaded from the links above

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